Dupont grows Chinese operation

Dupont grows Chinese operation

Global manufacturing firm DuPont Performance Materials has opened a new engineering plastics compounding plant in Shenzhen, China set for immediate service to the Asia Pacific region.

The repurposed site will produce a range of DuPont products including Bynel adhesive resins for packaging applications for the automotive, industrial and consumer, and packaging markets in both China and the Asia Pacific region.

Randy Stone, president of DuPont Performance Materials, says, “This investment reinforces our commitment to meet the growing needs of our customers and will provide increased capacity, greater asset flexibility and speed to respond to demand changes.”

DuPont’s new plastics facility is the group’s largest in its network of plants around the world.

According to DuPont, product packaging also is fully automated at the Shenzhen facility, and it says a higher level of automation from silo to extruder is key to product quality and consistency.

Tony Su, president of DuPont Asia Pacific, says, “It complements our extended global operations network and demonstrates our commitment to growth in China and Asia Pacific. DuPont started its China growth journey from Shenzhen 27 years ago. We remain committed to participating and contributing to China’s drive for sustainable development, leveraging DuPont’s scientific innovation capabilities.”


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